Frequently Asked Questions


*** The following are frequently asked questions that we have received at Visionary Properties Property Management. We have tried to answer the questions to the best of our abilities and as detailed as possible. Please note that policies and procedures may change from time to time and although the following is a great resource changes may have occurred that create discrepancies. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or clarification by clicking "here".

Do I pay a management fee when the home is vacant?

No. VPPM does not charge a monthly management fee unless the home is occupied by a tenant. We believe that if a home is vacant and the owner is not receiving rent than why should we? Obviously, that means we will work harder to find you a quality tenant!

What is Rental Tax?

Rental tax is a “privilege” tax many AZ municipalities charge on a rental property. It works similar to sales tax. This would not be an additional charge to you as the owner rather this is typically charged to the tenant in addition to their regular, monthly, rent amount. For example, if rent at a home is $1,000.00 per month and the “rental tax” is 2%, then the actual amount due from tenant would be $1,020.00 for the month. Part of the service we include for you with your monthly fee is the collection of this “rental tax” and then paying it on your behalf so you as the owner would not have to take on this additional task.

How do you screen for tenants?

This is a very common question as you might imagine. Our process is very thorough. We understand how important this is to you as a property owner. We can provide you with a sample copy of our application so that you may see what information is required of a potential tenant. We engage the services of a third party screeing/investigation company to ensure detailed and accurate tenant information. This company will find any criminal information on an applicant, public records related to the applicant as well as verifying if the information provided to us by the applicant such as rental history and more. Based on the review of the plethora of information obtained VPPM will make an occupancy determination.

Are tenants charged an application fee?

Absolutely. We charge an application fee, for each adult applicant, for applying to rent from us. First, paying a fee provides us with the level of seriousness someone has in a home, second it affords us the payment needed to hire a third party, investigative, screening company to help us process applications.

What happens if a tenant is late with their rent or has not paid the rent?

We certainly hope tenants pay rent on time and per the terms of the lease, however there are times when this unfortunate situation arises. We have a collections team that will work diligently to remedy the delinquency as quickly as possible. We have a very strict policy regarding late rents. Late fees typically encourage on-time payments, but we are prepared to pursue additional measures as situations dictate.

Who pays for an eviction?

You as the homeowner would be ultimately paying for a tenant to be evicted from a home. All costs would be added as additional monies due to the account of the tenant and would be expected to be paid or in the event the tenant is completely evicted then post eviction remedies could be considered in order to recoup costs and past due balances.

How are repairs handled?

When a repair is needed the tenant contacts us through our designated repair hotline. The urgency, cause and need for repair are determined and addressed by our repair department. We will contact the contractor or warranty if needed and facilitate access. We will work to make this as painless for the owner as possible.

Will I get statements for my property or properties?

Absolutely, each month around the fifteenth you will be emailed two sets of reports. One will be the complete, final reports from the previous month and the second will be the reports for the current month to date which will be the first of the month through the owner pay date (normally the tenth of the month). We also do on-line reporting for your convenience.

What if I have questions about my account or my account statements?

Our friendly staff is ready and prepared to assist you with any questions about your account or statement that may arise. We are available at your convenience via phone, email or text. You also have on-line access to your account.

Do you charge a deposit to a new tenant?

Yes. Each incoming tenant pays a refundable security deposit. Typically the security deposit is equal to one month’s rent amount. If applicable your tenant may also pay a refundable cleaning deposit and/or a non-refundable pet fee.

I don’t like pets/don’t want to allow pets. Is that a problem?

This is a very common question and no problem at all. This is your home and if those are your wishes then we will absolutely abide by those. We would not try to talk you into doing something that you would not like. We will always point out though that since the vast majority of folks out there looking to rent have a pet then by flat out not allowing one may significantly reduce the pool of potential renters for your home and as a result affect the amount of time your home will be on the market. Your representative will be happy to go over all of our pet policies with you.

I want to screen the tenants myself. Is that possible?

No. The application screening and approval is part of the service you are hiring us to do for you. Also, the application itself is an agreement between this company and the potential tenant. On it we state that their information is not to be distributed. We are happy to go over our application process for you if you like so you are comfortable. We will follow all fair housing and landlord tenant laws when processing applications.

How many applications do you look at, at one time, to pick a tenant?

Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis. This is not like a sales transaction where multiple offers are considered. If the application currently being processed can be approved then that tenant has the right to pay a deposit to hold the home. If they are approved and do not provide a deposit we would then move on to the next application in line and so on.

I want the deposit to be equal to two month’s rent. Is that possible?

Sorry but no it is not. In the State of Arizona total deposits and fees charged to a tenant at move in may not be greater than one and a half times the monthly rent amount.

I want my home inspected monthly. Can I have that done?

Sorry but no. First, we are including the periodic inspections as part of the service we are providing and second excessive inspections would violate the State of Arizona’s Landlord and Tenant Act and the provision giving the tenants “quiet enjoyment” of the home. However, if for some reason we believe there is cause we may issue them a written notification of our intent to come and inspect the home.

Why do you classify my property as a rental? Is my tax going to go up?

In the county where your home resides it is required by law that your home be classified as a residential rental property once it becomes one. There are penalties for not doing so. This was in the management agreement as part of the service we would provide. Your taxes could increase as a result of this. To know how much you should consult the county assessor or your accountant.

I have heard about Section 8 housing. How do I get a Section 8 tenant?

Sorry but at this time our policy is to not accept Section 8 vouchers.

How long is the lease?

Typic leases are 12 months. Exceptions are made for longer and shorter leases on an individual basis.

This home is in a subdivision governed by an HOA. Who is responsible for the HOA fees?

The home owner is responsible for the payment of the HOA fees. Tenants would be responsible per the lease agreement for following the HOA rules while occupying the home.

Who takes care of the landscaping at the home?

The majority of the time it will be the responsibility of the tenant. Some owners may choose to include landscaping services in the rental amount. I

Should we have a service take care of the pool or let the tenants do it?

You should absolutely have a service take care of a swimming pool. If you have one already then great and if you need one we can arrange for it. Pool care general y will be $75-$100 per month.

Why do I need to have the utilities on at a vacant home?

The home needs to be "showable" and we want to ensure the plants, yard, pool and plumbing are all maintained even when the home is vacant.

Should I include pest control at the home?

If this would give you peace of mind then you could include it. The lease stipulates that the tenant is responsible for pest control if they choose to have it but cannot be forced to have it or use a particular company.

How do I get paid?

The number one question after how do I sign up! Currently, we are able to mail a check to you or we can pay electronically via electronic money transfer.

When do I get paid?

The number two questions after how do I sign up! We process owner payments on the tenth of each month unless it is a weekend or holiday. Then the process occurs the next business day.

Why do I have to wait until the tenth to be paid if rent is due on the first?

Fair question. We are allowing time for checks to clear the bank and it is not possible to pay owners daily as the month progresses.

Are tenants allowed to make alterations to the home?

No. Generally speaking we will not allow alterations and if done so without written approval we will require the tenant to put back to the move-in condition. There are certainly tiimes where a tenant may want to "improve" the property and an owner may agree to let this occur. In those rare instances we will obtain owner approval in writing.

I want to only rent to a family. Is that allowed?

Sorry but it is not and cannot even be advertised as a “great family home”. You cannot discriminate based on gender, age, disability, race, persuasion or familial status. One exception would be of course if the property is in a age restricted community.